Survey repeated among Grindavík residents regarding the housing situation following the natural disaster in the Reykjanes peninsula

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  • 5. júní 2024

The enclosed survey is intended for people who were living in Grindavík on 10 November 2023.

The goal of the survey is to gather detailed information about the current housing situation of Grindvík residents, and what their prospects are for the future. The purpose is to determine what has been achieved and where improvements are most needed.

It is especially important to receive answers from every household in Grindavík, regardless of how good or bad their current housing situation is.

Every person from Grindavík who is 18 years old or older is free to answer the list of questions, but the aim is for one spokesperson to reply for each household.

To ensure a clear overview of which households have answered the survey and what their needs are, registration for the survey will be made using electronic identification. At the end of the survey, the participants will be asked to choose whether or not their answers will be saved with identifiable personal data. However, the results of the survey will always be made anonymous before they are published.

Persons who do not have access to electronic identification will be invited to participate in a different way. Nökkvi Már Jónsson, Director of the social services and Education department of Grindavík, can give more information about the survey and assistance for households that are unable to register using electronic identification, at

Participation in the survey is based on consent under Point 1 of Article 9 of Act No 90/2018 on Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data. Participants can withdraw their consent and request that their data be deleted.

Access to the data will be limited to those members of staff of the Government Offices, Civil Protection and Emergency Management, Red cross and the town of Grindavík who are directly involved in housing matters for the people of Grindavík.

The town of Grindavík, Víkurbraut 62, 240 Grindavík, is the party responsible for the survey under the Act on Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data. Maskína, Laugavegi 25, 101 Reykjavík, handles the actual surveying and analyses the data on behalf of the responsible party and is considered to be the processor under the Data Protection act.

Further information regarding the processing of personal data by the Government Offices can be found in the Government Offices personal data protection policy, including how long the data will be kept and the rights of persons

Further information regarding the processing of personal data by Maskína can be found in the company’s personal data protection policy

To access the survey, please click here:

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